Floor Mat Rental Service

Our floor mat rental service experts develop a unique rug program for each customer that reduces flooring wear, improves your company’s image, and keeps your employees and customers safe. With branded logo mats and custom cut floor mats, we can provide unique commercial rug installations that really enhance the image of your business. Our experienced Route Service Representatives will pick up your rental mats and deliver freshly laundered floor mats on your scheduled rug service day.

Huebsch rental floor mats are certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to reduce slips and falls. We have certified NFSI Walkway Auditors in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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Let us consult with you about a commercial rug service program that meets your needs:

  • Outdoor scraper mats
  • Brush mats
  • Messaging and safety mats
  • Branded logo mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Kitchen mats
  • Restroom mats
  • Recessed well mats

Direct purchase options for floor mats are also available. Consult with us about the right floor protection program for you.

“It is rare to engage in a service relationship where the quality of product and the level of communication never wavers. We know the product type and service schedule that is recommended to us is the appropriate one to mitigate risk, prolong the life of the floors, maintain aesthetics, and it’s all within the limits of our budget. We can be confident that Huebsch is going to meet our needs, every time, and that is invaluable.”


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