Huebsch’s Commitment to Sustainability

Pursuing environmental excellence is part of our commitment to our customers and community. As a member of the Laundry Environmental Stewardship program, we focus on reductions in chemical usage as well as water and energy conservation to protect the environment.

In 2016, Huebsch installed a 100kw solar energy system at our Eau Claire facility. This solar panel system provides a third of the energy needs for our Eau Claire facility. It allows us to co-generate energy and contribute to overall sustainability as well. We were recognized by the Textile Rental Services Association with the Clean Green Innovation Award for this solar initiative and commitment to sustainability.

Huebsch strives to find green solutions that both make a difference locally and improve our planet. Join us in our commitment to sustainable practices.

Solar Installation and Sustainability

Our commitment to being green:

  • Energy efficient vehicles
  • Offering reusable textiles
  • Solar energy usage
  • Water reuse and conservation
  • Heat reclamation
  • Efficient chemical formulations

Supportive Partnerships. Always.

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