Facility Services & Supplies

Restocked Restroom Supplies

Huebsch provides reliable restroom service in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Western, WI that keeps you well-stocked and your first impression strong. We take care of restocking your paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and air freshener products so your restrooms stay clean and your customers and employees always have what they need. Consider our hand dryer solutions that reduce your paper waste and help the environment.

Cleaning Supplies

Let us help with your restroom cleanliness:

Fresh Mop & Towel Service

Mop service is essential for proper floor maintenance. Our dust mops pick up dirt instead of just pushing it around, and our wet mops keep your floors shiny and germ free. Huebsch ensures your mops are always clean and ready to be used.

We provide a variety of towel services to fit any type of industry and size of business. Rest assured that every time you need a clean cloth or towel, it will be on your shelf and ready to use. Cloth towels are an environmentally friendly way to keep your business clean.

Let us help with your towel service needs:

  • Bath, massage, and sauna towels
  • Cloth roll towels
  • Bar towels
  • Shop towels
  • Dusting cloths
  • Microfiber towels
  • Fender and seat covers
  • Dish towels
  • Dental towels
  • Aprons

“Huebsch is able to provide services on campus and at multiple locations. They provide cost effective solutions to several challenges on campus. This includes low decibel hand dryers and microfiber cloths for specialty cleaning tasks. Huebsch is always customer focused and proactive with anything that has come up which makes for a great partnership.”


Metropolitan State University. St. Paul, MN
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