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You need durability, comfort, and safety in your work uniform program. The machinery and tools in your factory warrant it. Industrial uniforms keep your employees safe, provide a unifying company image, and create a comfortable work environment.

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Huebsch’s industrial work uniform program lightens your load:

  • Multiple uniform styles to fit your diverse needs.
  • Programs offer industrial shirts and pants, denim, and safety wear.
  • Patented sorting technology ensures accurate garment delivery.
  • Emblem and embroidery options set your team apart.
  • Service includes inspection, mending, and repair.
  • Route Service Representatives deliver consistent reliable service.

Huebsch is your full solution service provider

Uniform Processing is only a small part of how we support our industrial manufacturing customers.

“We chose Huebsch because they are reliable, have fair prices, and good products. Huebsch has helped with cleanliness, keeping sand and salt off our carpeting, and safety, keeping water off the warehouse floors.”


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