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The Huebsch high visibility apparel programs provide your employees additional safety in times of limited visibility like machinery operation, warehousing, and construction. Our high visibility clothing programs can meet any ANSI class need that your business may have. If you aren’t sure if your employees should be utilizing high visibility clothing or what type of high visibility workwear your employees might need, Huebsch has put together some helpful resources.

Huebsch Resources for Hi Vis Clothing

Why is visibility workwear important?

High visibility apparel keeps workers safe and visible on the job site, whether it is indoors or outside.

This video illustrates the various applications for high visibility apparel and how it performs in both daytime and nighttime setting.

What type of high visibility clothing do my employees need?

ANSI/ISEA 107 is the American National Standard for high visibility safety apparel and accessories. It provides practical instruction regarding reflective material and garment design to enhance worker visibility. ANSI/ISEA 107 presents three performance classes of garment types based on expected activities.

  • ANSI Type O, Class 1 – Offers the minimum amount of high visibility materials to differentiate the wearer from work settings. Type O is only appropriate for off-road environments.
  • ANSI Type R or P, Class 2 – Considered the minimum level of protection for workers exposed to roadway and temporary traffic control zones.
  • ANSI Type R or P, Class 3 – Provides more visibility to the wearer in complex backgrounds and through full range of movement.
  • ANSI Class E – These are high visibility work clothes that do not qualify as meeting the requirements of the standard when worn alone. If a Class E item is worn with a Class 2 or Class 3 garment, the overall classification of the ensemble is Class 3.

Here you will find additional information on ANSI 107 classifications including suggested industry applications.

Questions about putting together a hi vis clothing program for your employees?

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High Visibility Shirt

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High Visibility Jacket

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High Visibility Rental Workwear

Rental Visibility Workwear

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