Doing What Others Don’t – Cloth Roll Towels

Huebsch understands different businesses need different solutions for similar problems. Take hand drying for example. Many in the laundry service industry have turned away from providing single-service cloth roll towels, instead only offering their customers paper products for hand drying. Huebsch, however, has stayed committed to the rental of cloth roll towels because we know it’s the best hand hygiene option for many of our customers. Here’s why.

Cloth roll towels are sanitary.

Single-service cloth roll towels operate using a system that effectively separates the clean and soiled portions of the towel. The clean and soiled toweling never make contact whatsoever. Roll towels cycle through the dispenser only once and are returned to the laundry for processing after use. A fresh-smelling and sanitary reusable roll towel is returned to the customer at each delivery.

Cloth roll towels improve hand hygiene.

Cloth roll towels are durable and four times more absorbent than paper. They simply clean your hands better, as they remove more germs, bacteria, and dirt than other methods. Ever been elbow deep in a grimy project? Cloth is ideal for customers that have a lot of dirt and grease like manufacturing plants and automotive shops. They can also work well in busy office buildings.

Cloth roll towels help the environment.

Roll towels are reusable and greatly reduce waste. Cloth towels come in rolls of 120 feet (40 yards) and usually have a lifespan of 150-200 launderings. The usage of one roll towel over its lifetime equates to the use of 30,000 paper towels. Cloth roll towels are part of the Huebsch reusable textile program. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability:

Huebsch is one of the few industrial laundries left in the country with the in-house equipment to process roll towels. While that may come as a surprise, Huebsch has always done things a little differently. From our lean, customer-focused production process to our patented innovations in laundry automation, Huebsch continues to be a leader in providing unique solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Learn more about the Huesbch difference:

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