Huebsch Answers Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

“How do you say your company name?”

If there is one question we get asked more than any other, it’s this one. While it looks intimidating, the answer is actually much simpler than people make it out to be. The pronunciation is [hipsh]. Because we get asked it so often, we have tried to help people out over the years by adding the pronunciation to our business cards and service trucks.

“You do that too?”

The answer is usually “yes.” People are sometimes surprised to learn of the expansive list of services Huebsch provides. We are most well known for our laundering of floor mats and work uniforms, but we also provide embroidered workwear, restroom products, and cleaning supplies. This question usually comes up in relation to our embroidered corporate apparel programs. While it’s a newer area of our business, we have been providing branded office apparel programs online to our customers for the past five years.

“It seems like Huebsch has been around forever. How old is it?”

Not quite forever, but a very long time. Huebsch Laundry was founded in 1891 by brothers John and Joseph Huebsch — the sons of German immigrants — to serve the needs of the booming lumber industry in Eau Claire, WI. And while the needs of our customers have changed over time, Huebsch has remained in the laundry business for over 128 years. Jim Vaudreuil, current President & CEO, is the fourth generation owner and descendant of founder John Huebsch.

“Did you really deliver laundry with a horse and sleigh?”

This question usually comes up when someone stops by for a tour because we have a replica sleigh in our Eau Claire, WI office. Before automobiles, Huebsch delivered laundry with a horse and sleigh or horse and wagon depending on the season. As you can imagine, this limited us somewhat in how far we could travel to provide laundry service. It also made delivery a challenge at times because the horses memorized their routes and weren’t very keen on any changes to their routine.

“I see your trucks everywhere. How far away do you service?”

Huebsch continues to grow with 19 service routes in Wisconsin and 14 in Minnesota. You’ll find Huebsch trucks as far north as Hayward, WI, as far south as Westby, WI, as far east as Greenwood, WI, as far west as Monticello, MN, and nearly everywhere in between.

You can learn more about Huebsch by visiting, scheduling a tour, or giving us a call at 715.835.3101 in Wisconsin or 651.686.2320 in Minnesota. We would be happy to help answer any other questions you may have.

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