The Huebsch Top Picks for Jacket Season

Beautiful summer temperatures in the Midwest make it hard to think about the drop in temperatures we will see in the coming months. Karina Moen, the Huebsch Corporate Apparel Account Executive, has put together her outerwear tips and top jacket picks for this fall and winter.

According to Karina, “The featured items in the Huebsch outerwear store have been cultivated based on our most durable and top selling jackets.” She adds, “They are perfect for taking you from work to home with ease.”

Karina Moen, Huebsch Corporate Apparel Account Executive, shares her outerwear tips and top jacket picks.

Here are Karina’s considerations for this year’s jacket selection:

Safety is at the forefront for many annual business initiatives. Putting your employees in the Hi Vis Bomber jacket reinforces your company’s commitment to employee safety. This high visibility jacket is designed to withstand industrial laundering, so it is more durable than traditional high visibility jackets. It is also ANSI Class 3 certified.

Top Sellers
You can’t go wrong with the traditional Solid Lined and Lined Panel jackets. They are both great in many industries and applications.

Favorite Brands

We have also included some top brands. The Eddie Bauer jacket options are great for outfitting your office staff or field reps with a practical layer that still looks professional. And you can’t go wrong with Carhartt. As a trusted brand, it is a no brainer to order the Carhartt bibs and jackets for those rugged outdoor jobs and activities.

Jackets are also a great holiday or year end gift due to their durability. Many companies set up a custom store with an employee budget to eliminate the hassle of collecting everyone’s size. Employees can login and chose from their preferred jacket and size. Adding a couple of jacket options to the custom store along with the budget option ensures there is a jacket to fit every body type and style while still enhancing your brand image.  The jackets are then delivered separated by employee to take the whole ordering process off your plate.

Karina shares the benefits of having Huebsch add your logo on your jacket order. “Adding embellishment to a jacket ensures your brand is visible over other clothing,” said Karina. “Whether employees are working with a new customer, stopping by the store after work, or attending family sporting events, your company’s brand will surely be recognized.”

Karina is available to consult virtually or in person to help you get the right outerwear program for your team. Let us know how we can help.

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