Trust Your Dirty Laundry with Huebsch

One of the fun questions we often get asked at Huebsch is, “Do you find things in people’s dirty laundry?” It’s a great question. In our own homes, we’ve all been surprised by something in a pocket when doing our laundry every week.

Now picture that on a much larger scale. In fact, Huebsch laundered over 2 million garments in 2018. So you can imagine that, yes, we find all sorts of things when laundering our customers’ uniforms.

“Our laundry production team has found a lot of valuable things over the years,” said Megan Phaneuf, Customer Service Representative. “It’s usually wallets, checkbooks, cash, pocket knives, keys, and rings.”

Sometimes a customer realizes it’s missing before we find it.

“Someone once called ahead to ask us to be on the lookout for a set of false teeth,” said Mary Steinke, Consultant and former Huebsch General Manager. “The bank deposit bag full of cash was also a memorable one!”

One of the core values at Huebsch is to be honest by approaching every decision and interaction ethically and with integrity. Our customers recognize this when they partner with us for their uniform laundry service.

“We appreciate that Huebsch finds items left in pockets,” said Amy Subrt, Human Resources Manager at Lake Country Dairy. “We have had wedding rings, wallets, and keys found and returned multiple times.”

One story really stands out to many Huebsch employees. A member of our uniform processing team found a money clip that belonged to the owner of Fat Boy’s Pizza in Bloomer, Wisconsin.

“We called the owner to let him know his money clip was in the laundry,” said Lacie McCann, Uniform Production Lead. “He then drove to Huebsch and presented a free pizza and $100.00 check to the employee for being trustworthy.”

“I had a significant amount of money in that clip,” said Jay Thompson, Owner of Fat Boy’s Pizza. “I really just appreciated the honesty.”

We understand Huebsch customers value trusted service and an honest partnership – we’ve been delivering on those values since 1891. Huebsch currently serves over 6,000 businesses in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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