What to Include in Your Winter Driving Kit

Getting stuck in a ditch or spinning off the road is never anyone’s plan when they leave the house. Having a winter driving kit on hand can be extremely beneficial until help arrives. Below are some necessities every winter driving kit should have:

First Aid Kit

Put a first aid kit in your car kit in case of minor injury. Additional items to carry in the winter include diapers and wipes for children who are not potty trained, feminine hygiene products, and contact lens solution. As an extra tip, that hand sanitizer in your first aid kit can be used to de-ice the locks on your car.

Reflective Materials

If you are stranded along the road, visibility matters to maintain your safety. This could either be a high-visibility vest or jacket, a traffic cone, or high-visibility reflective tape, which can also be used directly on your vehicle.

Clothes and Blankets

Keep extra items on hand to stay warm until help arrives. Sitting in wet or damp clothes can be dangerous, especially in the cold, so make sure to have a change of clothes at the ready, both for yourself and passengers. Throw in an extra blanket as well.

Hand and Foot Warmers

Hand warmers have a long shelf life, and a large box is relatively inexpensive. You can stick them in your boots or mittens to keep your extremities warm and ward off frostbite. In a pinch, hand warmers can also be used to help thaw ice or food.

Food and Water

Choose food that is nonperishable, full of calories, and unlikely to freeze. To keep your water from turning to ice, keep it in the passenger compartment of your vehicle instead of the trunk. If it does freeze, use hand warmers to thaw the water.

Flashlight, Batteries, and Chargers

Include a USB battery pack and cellphone charger  to ensure you have the power to communicate in an emergency. If you’re stuck in the dark, a flashlight with fresh batteries will provide visibility in a scary situation.

Other Accessories

Have jumper cables, a small shovel, an ice scraper, and a small sand bag on hand so you can get your car charged or unstuck. Even though kitty litter is a popular option, it can become slick when wet and make the situation worse – stick with sand.

Getting stuck or in an accident in the winter can be a frightening situation. Having these items in your vehicle could make all the difference for staying safe until help arrives. Put them all in a duffel bag, put them in your car, and put your mind at rest this winter.

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